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Childish Gambino Is Dropping An Album And Hosting A Music Festival

Childish Gambino Pharos

UPDATE: The Pharos app has finally landed and revealed that not only does Childish Gambino have a new album coming out(!), but he’s also hosting the 3-day Pharos Festival in Joshua Tree, California.


$100 for three days of music (September 2, 3, & 4) *and* on-site camping isn’t that bad for an asking price, and with new music coming soon (once again, !!!!!), there’s even more incentive.   

Yesterday afternoon (June 17), Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino ended his two-year Twitter hiatus in style with a link to a cryptic new app called Pharos and a countdown:

Being the Gambino fan I am, my expectations instantly went through the roof. It’s been nearly two years since his mixtape/EP S T N  M T N/Kauai and almost three years since his last full-length album Because The Internet, and we’re hungry for more.

We’ve all been racking our brains as to what Glover’s got planned: Will it somehow tie into Atlanta, his upcoming show on FX? Is he planning on dropping a new project; perhaps that Chance The Rapper collab EP they teased two years ago?

Childish Gambino Pharos

He kept me up until the wee hours of the morning back in 2015 with the marketing for his “Sober” music video, and if you check the app, the space setting is rocketing toward a planet to the tune of what sounds like new music, so what gives?

Some eagle-eyed Reddit users may have given us a clue of some kind. /u/SweetAlmighty went digging through the app’s files and not only found copy for tickets, he also found pictures of payment logos:

childish gambino Pharos

Childish Gambino Pharos

On top of that is a PNG file for something called Learn To Code:

Childish Gambino Pharos

Donald and his team are either ready to drop a surprise tour, new music, ticketed coding classes, or all three sometime later today. Keep your eyes to the sky in your pocket, everyone.

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