‘The Birth Of A Nation’ Finally Gets A Full-Length Trailer

The Birth Of A Nation

Films about African-American slavery are a dime a dozen these days, but from the looks of its first trailer, we haven’t seen many like The Birth Of A Nation. Written, produced, and directed by Nate Parker, Birth tells the story of abolitionist Nathaniel “Nat” Turner, a slave preacher turned activist who leads an uprising against his plantation owners.

Parker went out on a shaky limb getting this film made himself, considering that he dropped $100,000 of his own money to pay for pre-production about the iconic but rarely talked about the abolitionist figure. Shortly after the film’s debut at this year’s past Sundance Film Festival (where it received a standing ovation before it even started), Birth sparked a bidding war that ended with a Fox Searchlight paycheck of $17.5 million – the biggest distribution payday in Sundance history.

The trailer is a somber affair, sporting the same color palette but a resounding sense of hope and Black agency rarely seen in these kinds of movies. Check it out below and be sure to go find this when it drops in theaters on October 7.

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