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Phonte & Eric Roberson Announce Joint Project, 5 Songs You Should Know


In an age of collabo albums featuring seemingly disparate entities, music fans will now be treated to one that feels as natural as the sweat on Jill Scott’s upper lip. On July 22nd Eric Roberson and Phonte Coleman will be releasing a full length project, as yet untitled.

Phonte is one of my closest friends in the music business. I would love to have him on every single record,” Roberson said in a 2013 interview with TheUrbanDaily.com.

UPDATE: Phonte and Eric Roberson have revealed the title, tracklist and artwork for the album, TigallerroTigallero

Phonte posted the project on his Instagram account, as well as a title and date for his next solo project, No News Is Good News, on September 30th.

The rapper-turnt singer from North Carolina and the vocalist from Rahway, NJ have collaborated on a number of songs leading up to this monumental moment in music.  So to help those who might not be familiar, here are 5 of our favorites.

1.“Been In Love”

This cut from Roberson’s 2007 album …Left is a groovy lamentation of what happens when you cross the line from friends to lovers.  Eric and Phonte shatter the myth that it’s always better to be friends first with E singing, “It’s kinda funny how time can really change things/ You were never like a play thing, you were the one I could talk to, oh/Then one night we took this thing further/Didn’t think the things occurred were/Dangerous, and thought we’d still be cool.” But as Phonte points out in his verse, once you play in Pandora’s…ahem..box, you can’t just close it back. “It’s hard being friends with a chick you done made scream before, made her holler and fiend for more/I used to think it was love, but I ain’t sure what that means no more…

2.”Picture Perfect”

The single from Roberson’s  2011 album Mr Nice Guy is a wedding reception ready ode to a woman that redefines photo bomb in his eyes. Eric croons that he “couldn’t draw you better,” while Phonte turns the snapshot into a museum piece.  “Your body is a canvass and I’m a hit her with long/Brush strokes, got her calling my name I ain’t formally trained, I’m just drawing from experience… So beautiful you fall to your knees/In an instant like it was a Rembrandt or a Matisse.

3. “Who Loves You More”

On the soul-stirring close to Phonte’s 2011 solo debut “Charity Starts At Home” he drops the gospel according to Tigallo, tackling everything from severed marriages to the kind of relatives who steal your laptop and sell it back to you. “My cousin hit me up and said he had to post bail again.Cause my brother back in jail again/
Back in that slave ship cause he tried to sell again/And all that’s going through my mind is “How the fuck am I failing him?”

Here Erro brings sunshine and rain to the audio revival on the hook with ‘Te asking the question of the day: “I saw the clouds today and thought that it was time to say goodbye (who loves you more? Who loves you more?)I tried to change my ways and pray that maybe I can save my life” (who loves you more? Who loves you more?). Pass your offerings in the basket to the left.

4. “This Could Be The Night”

One thing Eric Roberson specializes in is crafting those Friday night pre-game anthems that set the mood for a night of two-stepping and this is one of those cuts. The original version of this track appeared on Zo!’s album SunStorm and the Tall Black Guy remix was featured on the Foreign Exchange’s The Reworks project. Phonte appears on the remix and brings the same flavor of LB’s “Two Step Blues” and Common’s “Come Close” remix to the party.

 5. “Better”

This single from The Foreign Exchange’s 2013 album Love In Flying Colors will go down in history as the happiest “fuck you” song ever. Over bright piano massages and horn flourishes Phonte and Eric are the picture of blithe as they tell a former lover that leaving them was the best decision they ever made because they now have someone who doesn’t get on their nerves. Shana Tucker twists the knife with glee as she sings: “Nothing you can say, that could ever make me stay, Let me tell ya/ Nothing you can do, cause when it comes to me and you, she’s just better.”


BONUS: “We Are On The Move”

This video homage to the Whispers’ meme-worthy clip “Keep On Lovin’ Me”  is on some suit and tie sh*t for real.


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