8 Pimpastic Quotes From Katt Williams TMZ Interview

Katt Williams TMZ

Katt Williams appeared on TMZ’s “Rock Rants” to plug his upcoming performance at the BET Experience in L.A. and he pulled no punches when talking about everything from his recent arrests, rumored drug use and retirement. It was 8:31 seconds of all Katt, but here are the highlights.

1. Working with Mike Epps

It’s not a true unification unless you are working with someone you don’t like. I like him like the Cavaliers like the Warriors. Like Draymond likes LeBron. We like each other because we both basketball players. It’s all the same game. But if I see you in the mall you know who’s greater, hater. And that can be said on both sides.

2. Retiring

Off the grid is the life for me. I just need multiple fallopian tubes and oxygen and I’m pretty good outside of the limelight. It’s never been comfortable thing for me.

3. Drug rumors

In whatever city you live in if you think that Katt Williams is a crack head, you should spend some time with your local crack heads so you can see how they are, how they act, how they smell. See if they are philanthropic and always on tour…you need to do those drugs and try to be this. And once you try that you’ll realize that those drugs are probably in your way.

4. Legal Issues

They’ve dropped 46 felony charges on one person. That’s not called overcoming. It’s called a slippery target.

5. Upcoming Movies

I just got done filming this little bitty project called “Bastards” with Owen Wilson, Ed Helms, Glen Close and Terry Bradshaw out in Malibu. That old thing. Other than $80 Million productions I’m not doing much.

6. “Investing” in Love and Hip-Hop Franchise…

I can’t believe that got past you. I’m a motivational factor. Regardless of you how feel about me personally if I enter your life people are going to notice that you make changes, and those are for the better and they last long after I’m gone.

7. Past Relationships…

I will say that when you are in a relationship with me of any importance my goal is to find out what the things you are trying to do with your life. It’s going to take you being a bigger you for you to end up with me, and it’s also going to take you being a bigger you for you to be acceptable for you. That’s a part of the training program. Yes, ma’am. We’re fisherman. But if you’re a fisherman you realize that after so many fish your’e not fishing to feed your family now, you enjoy fishing. So now everything has to meet a criteria. So you get a fish, and you bring it out of the water. Sure, there is a little trauma in the hook process. But you’re just there to asses: no, this is what I was fishing for, it’s just not big enough. It’s beautiful, nothing wrong with it. It just doesn’t qualify for this particular program and we release it back into the water. And that’s what sports fishing is. Now it doesn’t mean you won’t later be caught again by that same angler.

8. Future relationships….

I’m not of the age to have a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. I’ve just never been single and rich before, so it’s weird. I don’t like people to like me before I like them. But I’m going to treat you wonderfully while we’re together because I know how viciously I’m gonna cut you off when it’s not right.

Watch the full video below:

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