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5 Things To Know About Kanye West’s “Famous” Video



Kanye West premiered the video for his controversial song “Famous” from The Life Of Pablo last night. Here is a quick FAQ:

1. It’s inspired by artist Vincent Desiderio’s “Sleep.” The painter lives in Sleepy Hollow, New York and is the senior critic at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

2. It includes nude representations of the following celebrities:

George W. Bush, Anna Wintour, Donald Trump, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Ray-J, Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner and Bill Cosby.


As of right now Chris Brown is the only celeb featured to respond, and he likes it.

“Why I gotta have the plumbers butt/ crack showing WAX figure?😂😂😂😂,” he wrote on Instagram. “Th*s nigga KANYE CRAZY, talented, but crazy.”

3. 8,000 people attended the screening at the L.A. Forum where “Famous” was projected onto a 100-foot screen.

4. The inclusion of George W. Bush and Donald Trump are not endorsements. “It’s not in support of or anti any of [the people in the video] he told Vanity Fair. “It’s a comment on fame.”

5. The video was filmed over a period of three months. “We Were very careful with shots that had [something] sexual to take them out.”

Of course Twitter users had a ball with their reactions to the clip:

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