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Jonathan Mannion Describes Shooting Gucci Mane’s “Everybody Looking” Cover

Legendary photographer and film director Jonathan Mannion spoke with Sway In The Morning about shooting the cover to Gucci Mane’s new album, Everybody Looking.

“Gucci called me and said I couldn’t do it without you,” he tells Sway. “I’ve shot two of his album covers prior. When people see how I deliver a product and how thoroughly I think through the problem and the storytelling that I do, that always helps. It’s a great calling card for the next thing…work begets work.”

Mannion began to rise to prominence after shooting Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt cover and has gone on to capture images for a who’s who of rap elite.

“He wanted something colorful. He was like I want it to feel summertime hot. So I’m thinking of references like Do The Right Thing and sticky, sweaty stuff and push him in those directions.”

Mannion says he was careful shooting around Gucci’s Atlanta home but the choice of the final shot with his arms up for the cover was unanimous.


“It was like the ultimate victory like ‘Yo, I won. Who’s better than me?’  And it’s like the reverse, taking his face off it, everybody is watching him. He doesn’t have to watch anybody. You just pay attention to what I’m doing because I’m on.”

Gucci’s Everybody Looking is scheduled of a July 22nd release. Watch the full interview above.

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