Denmark Vessey Clears His Mind In The “Think Happy Thoughts” Video

Denmark Vessey Think Happy Thoughts

Denmark Vessey’s Martin Lucid Dream was undoubtedly one of last year’s best projects, an eight-track waking nightmare of an EP that tackles a world that Martin Luther King couldn’t have ever imagined. “Think Happy Thoughts” is a brief detour near the middle that serves as a reminder to weigh the good in our lives with the constant shroud of bad, and he dropped a particularly mind-bending video yesterday (June 28) to help us get there.

Vessey chills out with hid dog and remembers his granny who passed away amidst footage of police brutalities, atom bomb mushroom clouds, and the Flint water crisis. Check it out below and don’t sleep.

We talked with Vessey about the EP, blaxploitation movies, and hip-hop’s generational divide earlier this year. Peep the interview here.

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