Game Theory: Michael Christmas Talks ‘Baggy Eyes’ & Mortal Kombat

Michael Christmas Game Theory

Few pastimes are capable of breaking the ice like a good video-gaming session. From Super Mario 3 to Call Of Duty and everything in between, there’s nothing like taking a big L to bring out the rage and the conversation. That’s why we’ve decided to go all out with Game Theory, a new series where we get emcees in the chair for some intense one-on-one action.

Part one of our first installment features Boston’s finest and professed video game connoisseur Michael Christmas, who just wrapped up his ‘Bring Yo Friends’ tour with Tunji Ige and Tobi Lou. Before he took the stage at Webster Hall last month, his friendly presence graced the WatchLoud offices for some Mortal Kombat and Rocket League. That presence got a little less friendly once we were three rounds deep into Test Your Luck.


Check out the video above for Christmas’ words on his name, the recently dropped Baggy Eyes EP, and how he met fellow Boston emcee/producer Og Swaggerdick. Part two coming soon!

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