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Kim Kardashian Airs Out Taylor Swift Over Kanye West’s “Famous”

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UPDATE 2: It turns out that Taylor Swift’s argument won’t hold water in court. TMZ reports that the California law about illegal recording doesn’t count when you’re aware that it’s being recorded. Rick Rubin and the film crew spoke up multiple times during the videos, and since Taylor effectively knew she was on speaker phone, there was no crime committed.  

UPDATE: TMZ reports that Taylor Swift might be considering legal action against Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West after last night’s Snapchat craziness. Swift’s lawyer cites California law that recording someone without their permission is a felony offense. This could get really ugly. 

We all need to learn to take Kim Kardashian-West at her word from this point on.

Late last night (July 17), Kim K leaked footage of Kanye West getting approval from Taylor Swift for lines from The Life Of Pablo’s “Famous,” lines that Taylor publicly lashed out against:

Taylor voice her shady disapproval at this year’s Grammys before Kardashian revealed in a GQ interview that she had video evidence of Taylor approving the song. Legendary record producer Rick Rubin is seen lounging on a couch next to Kanye during the entire conversation, which even includes relationship advice and Taylor thanking Kanye for flowers he sent her way before approving the line.

Even with all the lengthy Notes screenshots in the world, the ball isn’t so much in Swift’s court as it is deflated and tossed in the trash post-game.

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