Why Playing Pokémon Go Doesn’t Make You Any Less Of An Adult

Pokémon Go

Over the course of the last two weeks, Pokémon Go has enveloped the popular culture in a way not seen since maybe DJ Khaled’s Snapchat takeover or the ubiquitous anonymity of Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo. Plenty of people young and old have been bonding over searching for Pikachus and Aerodactyls in the hot sun, which of course means that plenty of people (mostly old) have been complaining about its popularity. Like clockwork, contrarians and buzzkills have surely flooded your Facebook feed with statuses about how “you were all chanting Black Lives Matter last week” or “Y’all should be Pokémon Go-ing to get these jobs” or whatever.

Pokémon Go

There may be some very small problems with the game like servers still crashing or the inherent exploration being limited for people of color on fear of death, but playing the game doesn’t make you childish or immature or whatever else people hellbent on destroying the fun keep telling you. You can both be on the lookout for a Dragonite *and* do your job *and* still be mad as hell about the deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and countless others. Because multitasking is a skill we all possess.

The hate will persist, but here’s eight of the funniest reactions to Pokémon Go slander that we could find.

Candy Crush hypocrisy 

Pokemon Go meme 1

Sports Tho

Pokemon Go meme 2


Pokemon Go meme 3

Keep to yourself 

Pokemon Go meme 4

Practice what you preach, then

Pika Lives Matter 


Priorities 2


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