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Nick Cannon’s Turban Is Very, Very Woke

Nick Cannon Turban

Actor, rapper and TV host Nick Cannon has become one of the latest celebrities to use their visibility to fight for social justice. The “Wild N Out” host protested outside of the Republic National Convention proclaiming that he wouldn’t vote until Black people in America were given equal treatment under the law.

“We want to be respected,” the America’s Got Talent host told the crowd, according to the Daily Mail. “We want to feel safe. We want the American Dream. You are messing with our peace of mind. We can’t operate as Americans when we can’t walk outside and feel safe.”

Today we stood strong!!

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While we applaud Nick for throwing his hat into the political arena, we were definitely scratching our heads at his actual choice of headwear. To our knowledge he is not a converted Sikh, so the choice to wear a turban of late has raised some questions. Cannon was spotted wearing it around town this Spring during radio interviews and has embraced the headwear wholeheartedly:

This may be the earliest sighting of Cannon with a Turban-esque accessory in 2014…

We may never know why he’s brought it back full steam, but someone has decided to give his turban life via a Twitter account @TurbanProtest. Only 14 Tweets old, the sentient headwrap seems very loyal to Mr. Cannon (except for his rap career) and is dedicated to keeping his head covered in these very tense times.


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