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10 of the Most Cringeworthy A$AP Rocky Quotes From His Breakfast Club Interview


Yesterday, A$AP Rocky stopped by The Breakfast Club in an attempt to clear up a few misconstrued Black Lives Matter responses from a 2015 interview from Time Out magazine. Well, let’s just say he didn’t do the best job. Here are 10 of the most cringeworthy quotes from A$AP Rocky’s Breakfast Club interview:

On the journalist from the Time Out interview taking his words out of context:

“This the same guy that was reaching, asking me ‘ Yo, how many girls you slept with…’ You know? This the LSD SXSW thing. He making it seem like I fucked nine bitches at once when I said it was over a 24 hour span. It’s just stuff that’s taken out of context.”

On racism: 

“The racism is real. I don’t go to middle America cities. We’re in the major markets. We don’t know what it’s really like for the people who go to work and come home every day… We don’t know how they get along. What I see and try to promote is unity. It sounds cliché but n*ggas need love.”

On perception of losing people:

“I hate when the bandwagon stuff starts.  Yo, I just, I hate when the bandwagon stuff start. I mean, how come, you know, black lives only matter when a police take ’em, when a police officer takes it? And it should be like, black lives, it should matter when a black life take it. You know what I mean? It should always matter. All lives matter!”

On being a part of the fashion industry:

“Fashion of course, you know it has its racism, and everything does. You know what I’m saying? Like, every industry has people who discriminate for one reason or another. That’s not my concern. I’m in a race, I don’t see anything. I’m like a horse, you know? I got blinders on, it’s about the finish line. And honestly, it’s just like, it’s a no brainer. We not into fashion because ‘Oh, that’s what n*ggas need to do to be seen.’ Nah man, that’s just part of the lifestyle. And, it goes hand in hand with the lifestyle.”

On dating outside of his race: 

“Real talk, I don’t care about that. I think interracial dating is dope. It is what it is. As long as the woman is what I want at the moment or what I desire… you know, I don’t really care about color.”

On Trump being in the Presidential race:

“We gotta really get together. We gotta show love, we gotta spread love. Especially with that guy Trump in office, man, that shit is a catastrophe. Man, it’s really getting serious and I didn’t start taking it really too serious up until 2016. I didn’t expect the man to… You get what I’m saying? This shit dead getting like word. What we gonna do? You know what I’m saying?”

On Bill Cosby: 

“I wanna start by encouraging everybody to think as individuals, like we said prior, like, you just read a quick little article and it’s, like, my whole legacy I could do things and it’s just like with Bill Cosby. He did so much positive things leading up to one thing, which he was convicted of being innocent for, by the way. People don’t even speak about that, You get what I’m saying? All you remember is the 56 woman and all that kind of shit. Yea, but he’s a powerful man. You know what I’m saying? Look, I’m not his lawyer, but I do know he’s innocent in the court..in the eyes of the law. They said he was innocent.”

On speaking his mind:

“To be honest with you, I really do feel like a lot of people don’t really say how they feel. You know what I mean? Because a lot of times, people don’t say what they mean. What they meant, it gets misconstrued. You get what I’m saying? And think that’s people’s fear of really actually speaking their mind. But, fuck that. I’ma continue to say how I feel, you get what I’m saying? If I got shit going on in my personal life, I’m gonna feel pity for the world. You get what I’m saying? But sometimes, when you really suffering, when you really going through shit, it be like that sometimes.”

On standing up for black people and black causes:

“I’m a dark skin handsome man, everyday I stand up for black people. You get what I’m saying? But at the end of the day, I represent a culture that reaches beyond just our black… just a skin color. You get what I’m saying? It’s really a culture and I stand for kids who don’t really see that racism shit. Those are my people, you get what I’m saying?”

His response on how he got his deal with Dior:

“I’m handsome. I’m handsome, man. Nah, I think it’s just… It’s a relationship thing. It’s been years. All these fashion brands, they know what’s up with me and I know them. Since I came out with music, it’s you know, that’s how I got my introduction with fashion. They can tell that I’m authentic, I’m not just wearing shit so I can try to be cool. We influence what’s tomorrow and like I said I know I’m an artist and with that comes great responsibility, you get what I’m saying?”

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