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Kool Keith Flies Back To The Cosmos On “World Wide Lamper”

Kool Keith Feature Magnetic

Eccentricity is rap’s stock and trade these days, but I’m convinced that Bronx emcee Kool Keith is really just a projection from another planet. His work with the Ultramagnetic MCs helped distort the groundwork for weird in the culture that Keith’s continued to evolve with recent releases like last year’s Time? Astonishing! collaboration with North Carolina producer L’Orange.

In a move I probably should’ve seen coming, Keith will be finding his way back to Mello Music Group for the third time in less than a year (they also reissued his group Analog Brothers’ album Pimp To Eat back in June) with a proper solo album called Feature Magnetic. True to its title, there are guest MCs tightly packed into this project’s 14 tracks, including Atmosphere’s Slug, Ras Kass, Bumpy Knuckles, MF Doom, and many more.

The first single “World Wide Lamper” feature Keith and fellow spitters B.a.R.S Murre and Dirty Nasty trading lines about eating bok choy with Soulja Boy and how “Between my legs, the ladies like the way I ball handle.” Rap is vast, and Keith’s coolin’ in his baseball cap spinning Saturn’s rings on his finger.

Check out the single above and check for Feature Magnetic when it drops September 16.

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