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MF Doom Gets Animated In The Unofficial “Gas Drawls” Video

MF Doom Gas Drawls

It’s hard to dance around the fact that MF Doom’s debut Operation: Doomsday is an undisputed classic. It took up residence in eardrums back in 1999 and saw a reissue in 2011 with new songs and B-sides, and since the record is still so popular 17 years later, Rappcats has decided to drop yet another pressing of the seminal project.

MF Doom Operation: Doomsday

On top of that, standout track “Gas Drawls” got a animated music video today (July 25), courtesy of director Dus T’. It’s an elaborate technicolor trip through Metal Face’s career, ending with an homage to his time as King Geedorah. Check it out below.


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