23 Things Only Adult Swim Fans Will Understand

Adult Swim Boondocks 2

When it comes to adult-oriented animation, Adult Swim has been the channel to beat for almost 15 years. Founded in 2001 as a late-night alternative to Cartoon Network for teens and adults, AS has morphed into the smallest multimedia empire this side of Nick At Nite. They even brought Family Guy and Futurama back from the grave when they were initially cancelled by Fox.

Adult Swim is a home for TV, music, games, live events, and general kookiness unlike any other, and whether you’ve been down since the first episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast or just got finished running through Too Many Cooksthese 23 things are gonna sound eerily familiar.   

1. Trying to figure out who made the bump music before the commercial break ends

Adult Swim bump music

2. Staying up to watch that Cowboy Bebop episode you’ve seen 18 times before on Toonami

Adult Swim Cowboy Bebop

3. And maybe see something you haven’t seen before

Adult Swim Parasyte

4. Wondering what the hell Xavier: Renegade Angel was about

Adult Swim Xavier

5. Wanting more Boondocks episodes but remembering how terrible season 4 was

Adult Swim Boondocks

6. Listening to André 3000 explain the meaning of life

Adult Swim Andre 3000

7. Wondering where Asheru went after making The Boondocks theme song

Adult Swim Boondocks

8. Sifting through the Singles Program for new joints


9. Wishing that Robot Chicken episodes were longer than 11 minutes

Robot Chicken Adult Swim

10. Wishing that they’d bring their cool live events to your town

Adult Swim Eric Andre

11. Noticing that Rick and Morty was playing in the background of the Justice League trailer

Adult Swim Rick and Morty

12. And then immediately going and watching the wrestling clip set to DMX’s “X Gon Give It To Ya”
13. Coming home drunk from a party and stumbling onto Superjail 

Adult Swim Superjail

14. Or Mr. Pickles

Adult Swim Mr. Pickles

15. Or Tim And Eric Awesome Show! Great Job!, for that matter

Adult Swim Tim and Eric

16. Wondering if people ever got that thing Peter Pottamus sent them
17. Feeling bad for giving up on Black Jesus  
Adult Swim Black Jesus
18. Hearing Flying Lotus anywhere, at anytime, for any reason

Flying Lotus Adult Swim

19. Wondering how anyone thought a Mooninite was a bomb threat
Adult Swim Mooninite
20. That one time Busta Rhymes was on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast 
21. Wishing that Black Dynamite lasted more than two seasons

Adult Swim Black Dynamite

22. Freaknik: The Musical existing

Adult Swim Freaknik

23. Listening to the Toonami Blackhole Megamix

Adult Swim Toonami

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