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The best part of Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment’s new Surf album is its curatorial ear; guests like King Louie, Quavo, Saba, and D.R.A.M. all deliver stand-out performances that quilt together to enrich the tapestry of the project.

But one guest stood above all the others – Noname. I hadn’t taken much notice of her on Acid Rap, but her “Warm Enough” verse stunned me. I had to learn more, so I dove into the internets to find all of her work.

Turns out, she doesn’t have much out. Her debut project Telefone was supposed to drop last summer, but that never happened. According to FakeShoreDrive, Telefone is:

“…a culmination of different conversations she’s had over the phone that have impacted who she is as an artist and young adult in Chicago. The tape is meant feel like you’re talking to someone you like on the phone for first time, exploring their likes and dislikes, dreams and aspirations, and their ideas about the world around them.”

It looks like she might release it this summer (cross your fingers), but she’s already got enough music available right now to fill a playlist.


Photography by Ellie Pritts / General Admission Chicago

First, a little background. Noname was born Fatimah Warner on September 18, 1991. She was raised in Bronzeville, a neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago, and grew up listening to artists like Buddy Guy and Howlin’ Wolf in the house. As a teen, she attended the YOUmedia program for young creatives on the ground level of the Harold Washington Library. There she started writing poetry and met a kid named Chancelor Bennett, better known as Chance The Rapper, or Chano to his close friends.

The two eventually drifted, and Walker began getting more involved with poetry. As an avid fan of Def Poetry Jam, she picked up rapping in 2010 after finishing third at Chicago’s annual Louder Than A Bomb slam poetry competition. Soon after,  she reconnected with Chance, who invited her to Soundscape Studios in Ukrainian Village to record what would become “Lost,” a highlight from his critically acclaimed Acid Rap project.

Fast forward to today, and Noname Gypsy is quietly one of the most anticipated artists coming out of Chicago right now. She’s dropped a couple top-notch tracks on her Soundcloud, but below is a complete collection of all the music she’s released to the public so far. If we missed anything let us know, and if you have any info on production credits hit us with those too. We want all the Noname Gypsy we can get.

(Full disclosure: this idea was born out of this post which someone started last year. Our piece is an effort to continue what that post started.)

All I Need (Featuring SPZRKT)

*UPDATE 2: Gypsy hooks up with Saba for her first new song in a year, “Open Apology.” Hear it below.

*UPDATE: Gypsy has been featured on a couple new songs with Chance The Rapper, including one with Lil B. Hear them below.

Israel (Sparring) [Prod. by Cam O’bi]

Last Dance

Solo Songs:

Paradise (Feat. Queen SheCago) [2013]
Hold Me Up (Feat. Kiara Lanier) [2013]
Samaritan (Feat. Mick Jenkins) [2013]
Sometimes (Feat. The O’Mys) [Prod. by Soul Syndakit] (2013)
Cherrypie Blues (Prod. by Knxwledge) [2013]
Baby (Prod. by JC Syn) [2013]
Members Only (2013)
Sunday Morning (2013)
Take You Back (Feat. Akenya & Via Rosa) [Prod. by THEMpeople] (2014)

You and I (Prod. by Knxwledge) [2014]
Mary Jane Love (2013)
Dizzy (Prod. by Taebeast) [2014]

At some point she apparently uploaded a song to her Soundcloud called “Rapper Song,” but it no longer shows up on her page.

Guest Features:

Chance The Rapper – Lost (Feat. Noname Gypsy) [Prod. by Nate Fox] (2013)
Mick Jenkins – The Truth (Feat. Noname Gypsy) [Prod. by Saba] (2013)
The O’My’s – Mind Run (Feat. Noname Gypsy) [2013]

Mick Jenkins – Comfortable (Feat. Noname Gypsy) [Prod. by Cam of J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League] (2014)


John Walt – Touchdown (Feat. Noname Gypsy) [Prod. by Saba] (2014)
Woo Park – Future Plans, Pt. III (Feat. Noname Gypsy) [Prod. by Woo Park] (2014)

Closed Sessions – Realer Than Most (Feat. Mick Jenkins, Dally Auston, Noname Gypsy, & Saba) [Prod. by OnGaud) (2014)

XVRHLDY – Black Alabaster (Feat. Saba & Noname Gypsy) [Prod. by Odd Couple] (2014)

Defcee – purplewatersugardrank (Feat. Noname Gypsy, Saba, Joseph Chilliams, & Benjamin Earl Turner) [Prod. by Saba] (2014)

C-Sick – All Love (Feat. Noname Gypsy, Nick Astro, and Taylor Bennett) [Prod. by C-Sick] (2014)

Lee Woods – Say My Name (Feat. Noname Gypsy) [2014]

Fe Raw – Females Stand Up (Feat. Noname Gypsy) [Prod. by Giga H D] (2014)

Saba – Secondhand Smoke (Feat. Noname Gypsy) [Prod. by Saba] (2014)
IKON – Food For Thought (Feat. Saba, NoName Gypsy, Malcolm London & Anthony Pavel) [Prod. by IKON] (2015)

Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment – Warm Enough (Feat. Noname Gypsy & J. Cole) [Prod. by The Social Experiment] (2015)

Noname Gypsy & Jean Deaux – “EYE, ME” (Prod. by Prod. JahRas Na’el Shehade David Leo) [2015]

Kirk Knight – Dead Friends (Feat. Noname Gypsy & Thundercat) [Prod. by Kirk Knight]

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