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Kid Cudi Calls B.S. On Kanye’s TIDAL Twitter Rant

Kid Cudi Kanye West

Yesterday Kanye West went on an impromptu Twitter rant about his frustration with the music streaming wars. He capped the Tweets with a call for Apple to buy out Jay Z’s Tidal and just “give the music to the kids.” Well, Kid Cudi has come out calling bullshit on Kanye’s attempt at altruistic capitalism.

Cudi has had a long history with Kanye, which includes a falling out and reconciliation to contribute to two songs on Yeezy’s The Life of Pablo, “Father Stretch My Hands” and “Waves.” But that hasn’t stopped the Man On the Moon rapper from sharing how he feels about Kanye’s words.

“This is why the game is fucked up,” he wrote in direct response to Kanye’s call for a meeting between the Apple and TIDAL stakeholders. “All this shit is wack. Bunch of rich guys on a power trip. This shit ain’t about music. Never has. The rich just wanna get richer. Spare me. The art is lost.”


Like we said yesterday, we managed to separate Kanye’s message from the messenger because he has made some dubious statements about capitalist motivations of corporations only to turn around and model their behavior in his own business. In fact, if Jay Z gets a check for the TIDAL sale Kanye will most likely get one, too. So maybe Kid Cudi is right and Kanye isn’t the one to be spearheading this movement. But one way or another the streaming game needs an overhaul.

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