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Danny Brown, A$AP Rocky, & More Brave Eric Andre’s ‘Rapper Warrior Ninja’

Eric Andre Danny Brown

The Eric Andre Show has been a home for hip-hop surrealism since Killer Mike was the hype man for an opera singer. Following his insane “coverage” of both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions over the past two weeks, the fourth season of Andre’s Adult Swim show (debuting this Sunday August 6 at midnight) has yet another full clip in the form of Rap Warrior Ninja, a sketch where rappers make their way through an obstacle course of dirty underwear, flying tether balls, and a man with a foam Q-tip ready to knock them into a snake pit. Did we mention they’re all blindfolded?

Andre and co-host Hannibal Buress managed to recruit Danny Brown, A$AP Rocky, Open Mike Eagle, Nocando, and Go Dreamer for this heinously hilarious sketch. Poor Danny looks embarrassed as all hell, but he can’t feel worse than Wiz Khalifa must have when he appeared in season 2. Check the video out

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