Phonte Talks Channeling Jodeci & Plies On “Thru The Night”

Phonte Laughing

Phonte Coleman and Eric Roberson’s joint project Tigallerro gives you everything you love about both artists while allowing each to live out personal artistic aspirations. Across the ten tracks the MC/singer from North Carolina and vocalist from New Jersey take us through a worm hole of music,  pulling inspiration from 90s R&B tropes and Atlanta trap stars alike.

And while their pure joy is palpable, there is a message in their music that should not go ignored.

In the first clip from our interview with Phonte Coleman, he takes us inside the track “Thru The Night,” an admitted vocal homage to Jodeci punctuated by a poignant and cautionary verse about not going astray.

So many try to be mister man, but when the bullshit hits the fan, you really telling your kids you risked it all for a b*tch off of Instagram?”

“There was a time [when] you went on tour, you gotta girl in this city and one in this city,” Phonte says of ‘ye olden days of analog era R&B philandering. “My girl in New York is just my girl in New York. She don’t exist nowhere but New York. So when I got to Kansas, never the two shall meet. But now with social media that girl in NY is everywhere. When you post a picture of you with the chick in Kansas, that girl in NY is posting [a comment] ‘oh word? really? And then people are screen-shotting it and then Bossip is picking it up. And you like, this is my life now?”

But between his ‘buyer beware’ bars Phonte still keeps serving up those internal rhymes that have earned him Hip-Hop Quotables and the like.   Watch him discuss how watching a Plies video on Instagram inspired one of the best lines on the song.

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