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Swet Shop Boys (Heems & Riz MC) Drop The Fire Single “T5”

Swet Shop Boys Heems Riz MC

You guys didn’t forget about Heems, did you? The former Das Racist emcee, activist, and  joined forces with English-Pakistani rapper/star of HBO’s The Night Of Rizwan “Riz MC” Ahmed to form the group Swet Shop Boys in 2014. Their debut full-length Cashmere is produced entirely by Redinho and is dropping on Heems’ newly founded label Customs on October 14.

Given the air of Donald Trump’s potential presidency, post-9/11 Islamophobia, and the lingering effects of Brexit on Europe and the world, the duo have a lot on their minds with their first single “T5,” which you can check out below. Also peep the track list, which doesn’t mince words with titles like “No Fly List,” “Phone Tap,” and “Zayn Malik.”

Zayn Malik
Tiger Hologram
No Fly List
Phone Tap
Half Moghul Half Mowgli
Swish Swish
Shoes Off

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