Blu Proves That He’s A Titan In The Flesh With “The Truth”

Blu Verse Behavior

Blu isn’t one to mince words on record. The Los Angeles-based emcee is as quick-witted as he is ruthless on the mic, which he’s proven time and time again solo (Her Favorite Color) and with others (last year’s Madlib/MED collab Bad Neighbor). He and Virginia-based producer Nottz put out a potent project called Gods In The Spirit back in 2013 and the followup Titans In The Flesh is all the proof you need that these two are one of rap’s best duos.

“Titan in the flesh means being bigger than you are, bigger than human,” Blu told WatchLOUD. The thumping intro track “The Truth” is a testament to that, with Blu’s bars towing the line between introspective and proclamation. “The inspiration for “The Truth” came directly from mythology,” he continued. “When I was writing it, I made sure to put enough imaginative narrative in it so I could reflect what goes on in mythology. It is the truth and it isn’t the truth.”

Blu explains his ties to Los Angeles, science and religion, and how a trip to Africa changed his perspective in the latest installment of “Verse Behavior.” Peep below.

A black man said his name was Apollo Creed

born as a novel seed in a land of a thousand kings

My third eye forever open living out my dreams

Climbing down the mountain to drink water from up out a stream

No taps in my system, my landline clean

My bloodline reconnected under my family tree

Was it a atom or Adam? science or religion?

was it the spirt in man, or molecules in him?

Beer in my hand til I can’t stand

the system I walk through ghetto alleys

Like the Titans through the valley

Turning wisdom to a tooth in my mouth

And spit the Judas out.

Producing songs like farms to put my music out.

Fruits of my labor, vegetables and turntables

Blending day with the night watching the light crossfade you

The future bit the computer before it chopped up the snake

Cuz they say Apple a day keeps the doc away

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