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VIDEO PREMIERE: Seattle’s XP Can’t Dodge “Sugar Coated Bullets”

As Seattle artist XP readies his third LP, Chasing Grace, he takes a sniper’s aim with the visuals to the latest single, “Sugar Coated Bullets.”  The folksy lamentation about a duplicitous femme fatale that he can’t let go of is produced by Bean1 and the video is directed and produced by Soundlapse Media.

You’re too good at being two-faced, but I love the way your truth taste...”

Xperience aka XP, says this album is a biography of his life, being raised by a single mother in a poor part of Detroit. “I went from thinking that hood stuff was cool,” he says, “and thinking that superficial things made me a man.” 

After relocating to Olympia, WA, XP was introduced to Macklemore when they both opened for rhyme vet Brother Ali in 2004. The two went on to record several songs for Macklemore’s 2005 album, Language of My World and are currently on tour together. The relationship is something XP addresses on Chasing’s lead single, “Not Today.”

“There are a lot of haters out there,” explains XP. “But I’m forever grateful for all the opportunity he’s given me and I highly respect his talents. It’s just people expect that I have it easy or I didn’t work to get where I am.”

Chasing Grace will be available August 19, 2016. Check out the tracklist and production credits below:

Track listing for ‘Chasing Grace’:

1 Not Today (Prod. by Ryan Lewis)

2 Lorne Micheals (Prod. by VNDMG)

3 The Mula (Prod. by Andrew Lucce)

4 98′ feat. Spaceman (Prod. by Headphone Activist)

5 $4.00 (Prod. by Djay Cas)

6 So What feat. Budo on trumpet (Prod. by Djay Cas)

7 Yung Nigga (Prod. by SmokeM2D6)

8 Heaven On Earth feat. Prince Po’ & Aesop Rock (Prod. by SmokeM2D6)

9 Letter To The Black Man (Prod. by SmokeM2D6)

10 #ADAM feat Donnell Kennedy on guitar (Prod. by SmokeM2D6)

11 The Aviators (Prod. by SmokeM2D6)

12 These Girls (Prod. by SmokeM2D6)

13 Evolve Away (Prod. by SmokeM2D6)

14 Sugar Coated Bullets (Prod. by Bean1)

15 Sadomasochist feat. Farnell Newton on trumpet (Prod. by Bean1)

16 Hiram Abiff (Prod. by Djay Cas)

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