12 Times Eric Andre Made Your Favorite Rapper Uncomfortable

Eric Andre Show T.I.

Eric Andre opened his 2012 Webster Hall show by spilling beer, milk, and water in my head. By the end of the night, me and the other hundred or so people were on stage dancing with a fake chicken wearing a stethoscope and I was a fan. Andre’s eponymous Adult Swim show – a surreal parody of local public access television – had just finished its first season and he and co-host Hannibal Buress decided to have some fun with the fans. Three seasons later, that DIY aesthetic is still pushing The Eric Andre Show to sickeningly hilarious heights.

The show is a combination of interviews with celebrities real and imaginary and crazy man on the street segments that prove Andre is willing to push his guests to the edge for a laugh; shutting off the air conditioning, piping rotten food air through ducts, and generally being obtuse and strange has led to some of the greatest moments in late-night TV history and even some potential lawsuits. As the show has grown more and more popular, Andre’s managed to crash both the Democratic and Republican national conventions and grab some recognizable rap heads for his pseudo Q&A’s, and we dug through the garbage heap to find the 11 times he managed to make rappers say/do/experience uncomfortable things in honor of the fourth season premiere this past Sunday (August 7).     

Killer Mike as an opera singer’s hypeman

But wouldn’t having Killer Mike make *any* kind of music better?

Wiz Khalifa turning Eric down as an opening act

Wiz will never look at his interns the same way ever again.

Nick Cannon interrupts a father/son bonding moment

Some people just don’t understand the love between father and son.

T.I. reacts poorly to a dildo busting through a table

Add all of this to the list of Things Not To Do If You Wanna Piss Off T.I.

Lupe Fiasco impersonating Hannibal Buress

Lupe looks less like a Hannibal impersonator here and more like one of the martians from Mars Attacks. 

Chance The Rapper in a coffee mug jacuzzi while Questlove meets his real father

Imagine drinking Chance-flavored coffee the same day you learn that your bandleader is really Questlove’s father.

Danny Brown/A$AP Rocky/Open Mike Eagle/Nocando/Godreamer compete in Rapper Warrior Ninja

Be honest; you wouldn’t make it all the way through, either.

Mel B eating Funyuns with Hannibal 

Even with all her America’s Got Talent experience, Mel B’s probably never seen anything as weird as this before.

Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire getting soda splashed on him


Jonwayne playing beats only he can hear

I wish we could hear what wayne was really playing (if anything).

Killer Mike/Action Bronson freestyling on treadmills

Never hand someone donuts while they’re freestyling in motion.

Tyler, The Creator also meets his “real” father

Tyler might just be the only guest in Eric Andre history that managed to match him in all-out weirdness.


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