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Killer Mike Wants Michael Jordan To Put Air Jordan Money Into Black Banks

Killer Mike

UPDATE 2: In his continued efforts as one of hip-hop’s most prolific political leaders, Killer Mike took his #BankBlackBankSmallBankLocal campaign to Michael Jordan on Instagram over the weekend. Mike implored Jordan to donate the profits from his Olympic edition shoes to black banks before explaining how to properly build credit. What can’t he do? Check the post below:

Dear MJ #23, on the behalf of black people and cops (I have loved ones who are both) thanks for the million dollars to the NAACP & Police Orgs. Now we wud like to Challenge you to send the profits of this Olympic Jordan Drop Into a Black Financial Institution. We know that with your example other Players will follow. I’m sure Jim Brown, Kareem & Bill Russell will agree. Love ya man. U truly were/are the greatest. *********************************** Black People and Allies of black people instead of buying this or any shoe. (1) Start an account with a black bank or credit union. (2) Save 300 bucks and get a secured credit card (#citzenstrustbank has a good one). (3). Charge these or any shoe, pay your bill on time building your credit. This way u r fresh as u wanna be, saving your actual cash and building your credit score. That way these shoes are a tool for your empowerment and not something that chains you into poverty. ************************************* I hope MJ and Us, Do The Right Thing!

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UPDATE: It looks like Killer Mike’s words have been heard throughout Atlanta as the African-American-owned Citizen’s Trust Bank has reported that over 8,000 new accounts have been opened in the last 5 days. And since at least $100 is required to open an account, that means at *least* $800K has moved in just under a week. 

Cynthia Day, president and CEO of Citizens Trust Bank, thanked Mike for his call to action in a tweet:

Like most of us, Killer Mike is angry over the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Livid, fuming angry. The Atlanta emcee/staunch political activist sat down with Hot 107.9’s Mz. Shyneka and boldly professed his fear of being murdered by police outside of the city of Atlanta and what he thinks the Black community across the country should do about it. “For people who live in Atlanta, we owe the rest of the country something. We owe them our outrage.” he started.

The man named Michael Render continued by saying that Black people should start investing money in Black-owned banks and businesses (“If you’re gonna buy hair, buy it out of a trunk – from a Black person!”), stressing the importance of knowing who you vote for (“Whoever you vote for, demand something from them, and if you don’t get it, stay home.”) and learning to comfortably live off the grid (“You need to learn how to grow some food. Learn how to fish, how to fight, how to shoot. Learn something that’s gonna get you from in front of a TV.”). He also mentioned that Black people should do “whatever it takes” to survive a police encounter if they fear for their life (“It’s better to have to look at a jury than for your mother to look at a pallbearer.”).

Mike’s voice rings louder here than it has since he was denouncing Ronald Reagan back in 2012. Give the whole speech a listen below.

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