8 Reasons Why ‘Luke Cage’ Is Already Marvel’s Best Show

Luke Cage

The first trailer for Marvel’s Luke Cage that premiered at San Diego Comic Con set my heart on fire. Cage (Mike Colter) beating ass with a car door to the tune of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” while bullets fall off his skin? How were they gonna top that?

Luke Cage Marvel

How else could Marvel top naming each episode after Gang Starr songs and getting Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge to work on the score? How could they meet the expectations of every kid – in the flesh or at heart- who grew up reading the Harlem defender’s adventures? (They haven’t hit the mark every time. It’s worth noting that while the show takes place in Harlem, most of it was filmed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Really.)

As I’m sure you saw from the new trailer that just dropped this morning (August 9), they found all kinds of ways to get people’s attention once again. After picking my broken jaw up off the floor, I ran through and grabbed all the best moments that prove that Luke Cage could possibly be Marvel’s best show yet.

1. Luke Cage’s trademark outfit

Luke Cage outfit

So far, we’ve only seen Cage in very basic outfits, but we’re treated to a variation on his trademark costume here. He emerges out of a test tube with his tiara and gauntlets, but clearly ditches them later on. Signs of bondage, maybe?

2.Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple is here

Luke Cage Roasrio Dawson

Claire Temple started off as a Daredevil supporting character, but now is the link connecting all The Defenders together. Naturally, Luke Cage is just another piece of the puzzle, and I can’t wait to see what role Claire plays in all of it.

3.Mahershala Ali’s Cottonmouth is intimidation personified

Luke Cage Ali

From a shady lobbyist on House Of Cards to a full-on villain in Luke Cage, Ali’s keeping busy with the role of crime lord Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes. That shot of him standing in front of the Biggie photo saying “Everyone wants to be the king,” has iconic written all over it.

4.This shot

Luke Cage fist

What else can I say?

5.Luke Cage: bulletproof Black man

Luke Cage bulletproof

Luke Cage being bulletproof is ingrained in his character, but given America’s current racial/political climate, the image of a bulletproof Black man has weight behind it no matter how you slice it. Cage can be seen both protecting someone from gunfire in a barbershop and taking machine gun fire head on in this trailer. I’m practically holding back tears each time.

6. Jessica Jones is here, too

Luke Cage Jessica Jones

After showing up on her show earlier this year, Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones is set to appear on Luke Cage in some form. She can be seen for a split second hugging Cage near the end of the trailer. Count on that romance really starting to bloom this season.

7. Run The Jewels makes the perfect soundtrack

Killer Mike and El-P are undeniably the biggest group in hip-hop, and their music hits with a punch that could take on Cage’s. Their remix of the Miike Snow song “Heart Is Full” (which contains a prominent sample of Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson’s “The Cook Up” from Dice Game) adds a boom to the backend of this trailer that’s bound to shake you to the core.


8. Cage reading Walter Mosley

Luke Cage Mosley

After beating down a group of guys in a gym, Cage is seen reading the book Little Green at the end of the trailer. Walter Mosley’s series about a Black private eye in Los Angeles is more of a nifty easter egg than it is a crazy development, but it’s cool enough for us to giggle over.


“Luke Cage” drops September 30 exclusively on Netflix.

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