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DJ Quik Calls Out YG for Not Receiving Credit on “My N*gga”

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Update: In an interview with Billboard, DJ Quik broke down how he ended up working with YG and how “My N*gga” came about.

“YG and I both had mutual management at the time,” he said. “They called me like, “he’s from Compton, Quik. You should hook him up.” After meeting, the two Compton natives went directly to the studio where Quik cleaned up a raw version of “My N*gga.” “I pulled the session up and I started doing the same thing I always do. When I engineer, I charge ten grand to engineer and mix records. That’s fair because I impart my sound to it. I still have that session in my drive right now,” he told Billboard.

According to DJ Quik, he gave “My N*gga” the same treatment he gave to 2Pac’s “All Eyez on Me.”  Quik finished up by stating that he’s paranoid to work with other people and that he’s not upset but ” it’s principle.” Hopefully, the two can get this cleared up soon. Read the full interview here.


It looks like DJ Quik has some beef with YG. Back in June, Quik hinted at suing a certain Compton rapper. Last night in a series of tweets that have now been deleted, Quik claims that he has not been credited for engineering the 400 rapper’s platinum hit, “My N*gga.”

During his rant, the Compton DJ also called out Stampede Management, Jeezy, and Def Jam. “Shoot me my engineering credits for stemming and recording vocals on your platinum song My Hitta or whatever you call it,” he said.

YG responded to Quik’s accusations with a simple “Fuck the police,” directed towards Quik. Hopefully, this gets resolved between the two Compton artists soon.

Take a look at the exchange below:

Run me my money. #UbitchU

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