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INTRODUCING: 5 New Artists To Watch [Week of August 12th]

Jimetta Rose

Each week the WatchLOUD submissions email is stuffed to the gills with new music from all over the map. The truth is we don’t get to a lot of it, but we try. Of this week’s inquiries that we actually heard, these stood out. Some are affiliated with familiar names, others are reconfigured familiar names and then some are the purest uncut indie who we stumbled upon because the subject line read “Free Pizza.” So take a listen and if you like them, hit them up on their socials and spread the word.

Name: Scholito
From: Philly, PA
Project: Black Lives Matter EP
Cosign: Freeway
Twitter: @scholitoenvoy
“I did this project to keep a balanced conversation going to youth culture. It represents every emotion I’m hearing in the street and in the news. All lives and Blue lives matter but at this time my focus is on the narrative and the black lives we’re losing at such a fast and visual rate that’s hard to understand how justice in some of these cases isn’t fairly served.”

Name: Darnell Little
From: Camden, NJ
Project: Blackamoor
Twitter: @DLittleMusic

Name: Kazzie Stoner
From: Newark, NJ
Song: “Throw Some Money” f/ Maino
Quote: “These records show my struggle and what I have been through. Creatively and organically the flow was there.”

Name: Jimetta Rose
From: L.A.
Song: “Catch A Vibe”
Twitter: @JimettaRose
Cosign: Georgia Ann Muldrow
Quote: “I’m a peacemaker and sometimes a shit talker in the name of all things holy.”

Name: NAC (STS, BUTTA, Bizkit, Schoolie V.)
From: Philly, PA
Project: Let’s Make Some Music
Twitter: @NAC4Music
Quote: “If you come to a NAC show the most you gonna get is your shoe stepped on, because people jammin.”

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