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Buckshot: “Sean Price Saved Duck Down Records”

In a recent interview with VladTV, Black Moon’s Buckshot details how Sean Price saved his label Duck Down Records when they were on the brink of falling off. The celebrated NY label was in the midst of celebrating their 20 year anniversary when Price passed away on August 8th of 2015.

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“Ruck saved us. I’m gonna give it to you simple and plain. Ruck saved us,” says Buckshot. “We was near done. Financially we was close to the red button, artist wise, records. This that. Audience. We’d maxed out the whole ‘real hip-hop’ and Ruck just came and flipped his whole style and lyrics. I was always a fan of his but I became a fan of THAT Ruck. People know that we survived all these  years, but when Ruck started releasing a slew of records…he was dropping verse after verse and it saved us. And he brought us to get Dru Ha with 9th Wonder and from that point we started flowing again.”

Buck also gives a detailed account of washing and preparing Sean Price’s body for burial according to Muslim law.

“I was supposed to go to Canada for a show and Shucky Ducky had called my phone and it was like 8 in the morning and said ‘Yo, this n***a Ruck died.,” he said before going to his home. “His leg is shaped like a P, like he in a P position. I look in his eyes; I had to close my man’s mouth, I had to close my man’s eyes.”

Respecting the late rapper’s Islamic background, he proceeded to perform a funeral ritual also known in Arabic as a Janazah. “I had to actually clean his body, me, Steele and Tek. I give respect, and that was harsh. You know what I’m saying? To clean your man and your like ‘Yo, I’m cleaning my man, and he’s gone.'”

Watch the full video above.

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