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8 Surprising Things We Learned From De La Soul’s Breakfast Club Interview

De La Soul Breakfast Club

De La Soul’s eighth official studio album and the Anonymous Nobody… is less than a day away from everyone’s ears. We’ve been waiting for this moment for the past 11 years and that crazy Kickstarter campaign didn’t help quell anticipation for an album featuring Roc Marciano, Snoop Dogg, David Byrne, Estell & Pete Rock, 2 Chainz, and Usher. Old heads are already calling Anonymous Nobody their Lemonade. 

The mighty plugs Posdnuos and Dave stopped into The Breakfast Club this morning to talk the album, their history, and cool tidbits, which we grabbed at below.

1.Dave on the infamous hippie label.

“Let’s just say it. It was something for the white audience to associate…That’s just the bottom line.”

2. Angela Yee and Santigold sang a hook on an unreleased song from Stakes Is High.

Pos – “It was Stakes Is HighWe were doing the song that never came out [sings “don’t stop makin’ love to me”] and we had them come and sing the hook. [Angela and I] met through us doing a show at Wesleyan and we all became cool from there.”

3. Between studio time, distribution, and promo, De La spent all $600,874 raised from Kickstarter on the album.

Dave – “The album itself is a lot of live musicians. When you hear strings, it’s 12-13 people playing. When you hear horns, it’s 8-9 people.”

Pos – “It took a minute because with all the guests on the album, from Usher, 2 Chainz, David Byrne, Jill Scott.”

Dave – “In an ignorant sense, we thought we’d be able to get it done in a year. But doing it ourselves with a small staff, it took longer than that.”

4.Russell Peters donated $10,000 to the Kickstarter.

Dave – “He’s a big fan. We actually put one of our plaques up for contributors if they wanted to purchase, and he paid $10K for that, which was very kind of him.”

5. Getting a Michael Jackson sample cleared is easier than it sounds.

Pos – “It wasn’t hard to clear [“Breakadawn“]. Usually when it’s a popular record it ain’t that hard. When it’s obscure and you’re trying to find out who owns it, that’s really hard. Motown step up and hit you real quick with that price.”

6. De La, Snoop Dogg, & Pharrell almost made a song together.

Dave – “We bumped into Snoop at SXSW a couple years back. He invited us back to where his dressing room was and was like ‘Yo, we’re the only two of our generation who never hooked up and did a record. Let’s do a song.’ He wanted to get up with Pharrell and try to put something together. We were busy doing our thing as well…two, three years down the line we thought [“Pain“] might be the one for Snoop, and we asked him to come on board and he was with it.”

7. A documentary about and the Anonymous Nobody… is coming soon

Dave – “We’re definitely putting something together now that’s gonna cover the whole Kickstarter and the whole release of this album that’ll drop shortly.”

8. The group praises new artists and want to continue innovating.

Dave – “We just try to stay students to it. Whatever we can learn from any artist that’s coming out – as well as enjoy – why not? Good music is good music. You need growth in this. We’re not getting younger, so you wanna use that youthful aspect to drive you and push you on and give you new ideas and sensibilities to how to do this hip-hop thing if you wanna stay in it. If you dead and done and you don’t feel like being bothered, you can go in your corner and hate all you want, but we’re tryna continue this thing as long as we feel good about it, and feeling good about it is embracing what’s happening today.”

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