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Vince Staples’ Newest EP ‘Prima Donna’ is Now Available for Streaming


Update: Vince Staples’ Prima Donna is now available for streaming on Apple Music. The 7-track EP features guest appearances from A$AP Rocky and Kilo Kish.

Listen to Prima Donna here.

In a great interview with The Fader, Vince Staples touched on his life growing up in California, the facade that comes with rapping, and revealed his upcoming project titled Prima Donna. “Rappers is busters. Niggas can’t lie to me. I’ve been around too long.” the 22-year old says. “Rappers be tucking their tiny T-shirts into baggy jeans just to show they bought a $500 dollar belt. They ain’t shooting nobody, bro.”

The Long Beach rapper went on to mention details on Prima Donna. There is no word on when the six-track EP will drop just yet, but it will feature James Blake and DJ Dahi.

While we await the follow up to Vince’s Summertime ’06, read the full interview here and watch Vince explain some of his tweets in the clip below:

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