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Frank Ocean’s ‘Blond’ Has Already Netted Him $1 Million

Frank Ocean million

A few years from now, devoted fans will be asking: “Where were you when Frank Ocean finally dropped Blond?” Most of the world lost its mind when the 28-year-old singer/songwriter finished his shell game of an album rollout earlier this month. The money talks because according to Forbes, Ocean walked away with a cool $1 million in first week revenue.

As you may or may not know, Ocean dropped not one but two different full-length projects, the first being the “visual album” Endless. That project technically fulfilled his contract with label Def Jam, which left him to release Blond independently on an imprint possibly titled Boys Don’t Cry. Blond moved 276,000 equivalent albums, but the wild part is that the vast majority of those (232,000 to be exact) were actual album sales, and since Frank doesn’t have a major label eating into those profits, he’s reportedly pulling in about $7.50 per album sold. By that math, the newly independent Frank is a millionaire after a week of his album being out.

Blond is a deeply intimate album about love, loss, cars, and spectrums of time, and those are stories that Frank is taking to the bank.

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