This Is Why Stevie Wonder Was Shooting Free Throws [VIDEO]

Late last week a video clip of music legend Stevie Wonder shooting a free throw in a gym was making the rounds. Clad in a yellow polo the blind icon was positioned at the free throw line and hoisted the ball in the air. He only missed the rim by inches, sending the crowd into a frenzy.  There was no context for the clip until now.


As it turns out Stevie was put up to the stunt by actor and comedian Anthony Anderson. The two were attending a charity event for a program called “All It Takes,” which promotes leadership in schools. The “Blackish” star challenged Stevie to a free throw shooting contest, but competed wearing a blindfold.

A sightless Anderson wasn’t even facing the basket when he air-balled his shot, so Stevie’s near miss looked like a slam dunk in comparison. As they say, you miss every shot you don’t take. Salute to Stevie Wonder for being a good sport.

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