10 Rap Lyrics That Capture The 9-To-5 Grind


Labor Day, the legal holiday in the United States to recognize workers and provide 24 hours to binge the new season of “Narcos,” takes on more significance in a digital worker era when no one truly seems to be “off from work,” and compensation seems to come in the form social currency more than actual currency. But regardless of how you define your hustle, there are themes that we can all relate to when it comes to the paper chase. Here are 10 rap songs that nail those times a job can work your nerves.

1) Ice Cube “Bird In the Hand”

On this track from his second solo album Death Certificate The NWA legend taps into the frustration of being a recent high school grad with a new baby and Similac powder costs so much that there is a black market for it. The politicians like George Bush and Jesse Jackson are preaching that he needs to get a job and be responsible but the taxes mean his take home from McDonald’s makes it more lucrative to sling drugs.

Always knew that I would clock G’s
But welcome to McDonalds; “may I take your order, please?”
Gotta serve ya food that might give you cancer
Cause my son doesn’t take no for an answer

2) Cam’ron “I Hate My Job”

At one point Cam’ron was the proud owner of a laundry and a liquor store in his neighborhood of Harlem and has expanded his brand into everything from cologne and capes to face masks. But he knows all about job struggles, too. The only thing harder than going to work is looking for work and Killa nails the working man/woman’s unemployed grind and its futility when you have a jail record.

Shoulda been a fireman, learn to do wiring
Then get retirement, I blame my environment (it’s my hood)
I went in for an interview, for delivery (for delivery)
“Locked up, felonies?” now the dude’s quizzing me

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