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DJ Khaled, Nas & Louis Rankin Cut Major Keys In “Nas Album Done”

Timeless. Forever. Iconic. These are some of the words the world’s most famous Snapchat personality A&R DJ Khaled uses to introduce the most talked about song on his Major Key album, “Nas Album Done.” And getting Nas to spit some of his best lines over a Lauryn Hill vocal chop in 2016 is a move worthy of a little hyperbole. And a video. Because two of the year’s most active businessmen in hip-hop need a visual vehicle to push their various products (clippers, hookas, vodka and more) while having a little fun in the sun. It’s the American way.

And who better to balance Khaled’s Jamaican pastiche than the Original Don Dada, dancehall legend Louie Rankin, aka Ox. His chain-swinging bravado is so over-the-top that even he collapses in laughter under its weight towards the end of the clip.

In you’re short on time jump to the 3:19 mark for the beat drop. And if you just need words of inspiration 6:41 has what you need.


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