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Lil Kim and N.O.R.E. Reunite 15 Years After Hot 97 Shootout


Over the weekend, Noreaga and Lil Kim reunited for the first time in 15 years.

Back in 2001, Lil Kim and C-N-N were involved in an altercation which lead to an alleged shooting at Hot 97. The beef stemmed from Foxy Brown throwing shots at Kim on the rap duo’s track “Bang Bang.” The events that took place at Hot 97 lead to an investigation and trial.

During the trial, Kim stated that her co-manager Damion Butler was not by her side when shots rang out in front of the radio station; when in fact he was. The Brooklyn rapper’s perjury in front of a federal grand jury led to her serving a year in prison.

According to N.O.R.E’s Instagram, the two have put any bad blood they’ve had in the past. The “Super Thug” rapper wrote “Sometimes in life u gotta grow up and grow wit the times this was my first time meeting lil Kim since the alleged incident n thanks to noel we got to speak kick it and have a drink.” The rapper turned podcaster even went onto say that Kim may be the next guess on Drink Champs!

It’s great to see two Hip-Hop heads putting their beef in the past. Read N.O.R.E.’s full post below:

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