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Why Is Travis Scott Chargin Big Pharma Prices For A Stuffed Bird?

Travis Scott Birds In The Trap merch

Travis Scott is riding high off the success of his #1 sophomore album Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight, and he’s doing what any G.O.O.D. Music signee would do to promote it: selling overpriced merch. But the t-shirts, throw pillows, and condoms (really) aren’t even the most surprising addition here.

Scott has a stuffed eagle on his website which you can cop for $50, but as Stereogum noticed earlier today, the exact same bird is available on another site for a fraction of the price. StuffedSafari.com sells the bird for just $13, which marks Trav’s toy at a 385% markup. Travis fans were content to drop $150 on an action figure when he released Rodeo last year, so unless they want this bird in less than 8-10 weeks, they’re just in it to support him.


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