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Vince Staples Teams With Levi’s For A Year-Long Songwriting Course

Vince Staples Levi's music technology program

UPDATE: Vince Staples is really for his people. He’s started a Levi’s-sponsored music education program at the Long Beach YMCA to teach aspiring musicians about the other sides of the industry. “Kids are feeling like if they aren’t a superstar, they aren’t worth anything,” Staples explained with help from Dion “No I.D.” Wilson. “Being the engineer, working music through a legal department or a financing aspect… I think the Levi’s Music program can teach kids about the other aspects of music.” With help from instructors John Sanders and Leslie Barnes, Vince is helping kids find their lane in music.

In a world where music programs are being pulled out of high schools left and right, unapologetically generous acts like this need to find their way into this game more. Check the video below.

With Vince Staples‘ EP Prima Donna already blasting open eardrums worldwide, he made an appearance on The Breakfast Club (August 27) to talk about the project and his feelings on the music industry. Staples has been making the rounds on the magazine/blog circuit pretty much ever since Summertime ’06 dropped last year, and he uses his increasingly massive exposure to give one of the best interviews in the business.

But if this Breakfast Club interview were just a “good interview,” we’d just laugh, agree, and move on. But here, much like he did in his Hot 97 interview from earlier today, he talked about the kids. Vince is endorsed by Sprite, and as a former member of the Crips, he mentions receiving shit for the way he went about creating after-school opportunities for Long Beach kids. Shortly after, he let slip what he does with money from his endorsement. “I took an endorsement deal and told them to give all the money you ’bout to give me, give it to them kids,” he said. “It’s something that I wanted to do for kids, but because I didn’t really have the bread like that to make it to where it was something and it’s not trash.”

That’s a crazy commitment, but he took it to a further selfless extreme by missing out on a show. “It would’ve been the highest paid show I ever had in my life; I turned it down because I had the thing to do for the kids. That would’ve bought my momma a house.” Outside of the bars and the experimentation, this is just another reason to get behind Vince.

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