6 Of The Craziest Moments From ‘Atlanta’ Episode 3: “Go For Broke”

Atlanta Go For Broke

Donald Glover’s Atlanta hit the ground running when its first two episodes debuted last week, but the third episode “Go For Broke” proves that the show’s naturalistic flow is burying jokes no one saw coming. Earn’s (Donald Glover) brokeness is explored in all its splendor as he vows to take Zazie Beetz’s Van(essa) on a date in an attempt to live something other than a situationship. Meanwhile, Paper Boi aka Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry) and Darius (Lakeith Stanfield) kick off one of the most awkward drug deals in the history of television with none other than Migos as the kingpins. This is truly an Atlanta of old Lloyd hits on the radio and very bad decisions.  

It may not be easy, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t funny! From ironing dollar bills to restaurant shouting matches, these were the best moments from episode 3 of Atlanta.

The Kid’s Meal Argument

Let’s keep it a buck; Earn is broke and very much a mooch. He’s so broke that the episode opens with him in a shouting match with a fast food manager about being able to grab a kid’s meal. This reminded me of Granddad’s fight with the movie theater cashier over buttering his popcorn on “The Boondocks” but without the wall of animation veiling the full-blown awkwardness. Hey, at least he got a drink out of it.

atlanta drink

Backseat Relationship Advice

By now, Earn and Van have agreed to get dinner, but where is he gonna take her? Earn’s homeboy from his airport job suggests the Indigo Lounge with its happy hour priced food and drinks. “It’s where I take a couple of my hoes. You know, the ones I really like,” he says while riding in the passenger seat of his girl’s ride. Really.


“You call your gun daddy?”

During a gun-cleaning session, Darius and Alfred argue about gun names and the sexual uses of “daddy” and “papi.” The matter of factness of Darius calling his gun “daddy” is only matched by yet another quotable: “Your assumed perversion of the word daddy, I think that’s stemming from a fear of mortality, man.”


Bootleg parking lot

Earn and Van pull up to a janky parking lot attendant who asks for  $10 to let them know if their car is being towed. Never trust someone using a dollar store lightsaber to guide drivers with your car.


The restaurant

Earn’s bank account is low, which means it’s all nervous looks when he and Van are being chatted up by an overeager waitress and Van starts putting market price fish on their tab. Asking the bartender to tally up your meal before you’ve even eaten it: bad. Calling the bank to cancel your debit card after the meal: priceless.


“Trapping boring as fuck”

Atlanta drug deal

On the way to their latest drug deal, Darius leaves the key to the briefcase full of product at home. Ugh. And the Migos (actually playing version of themselves) aren’t playing around; member Offset pulls a half-naked man out of the bottom of their trailer Gangstalicious-style before having him run off into the wood and sniping him with a hunting rifle. Alfred’s killer reputation precedes him before the deal goes down, but getting a call from his broke ass cousin Earn didn’t exactly help things.


The show’s soundtrack is really well thought out as well. Here’s the songs playing in the background:

Kodak Black – “SKRT”

Lloyd – “Get It (Shawty)”

Shabazz Palaces – “An Echo from the Hosts that Profess Infinitum”

Migos – “Spray The Champagne”

Cousin Stizz – “Shoutout”

Tune in with us next week for more Atlanta! 

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