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#SaveNelly From Debt By Playing His Music On Spotify

Nelly SaveNelly

The IRS is the pushiest friend you have; if you owe money, your door’s always being knocked on. Unfortunately, Nelly’s been feeling the heat lately with both $149K in back taxes and a recent $2.4 million federal tax lien. His 2000 debut project Country Grammar just went diamond earlier this year, but $2.5 million is still a decent chunk of change.

Fans have already organized online to form #SaveNelly in an effort to help him out. The plans is to get as many people as possible to stream the song “Hot In Herre” from the album Nellyville on Spotify (somewhere between 287,176,547 and 402,880,500 should do the trick) in order to help him pay off his debt. This could really work with any Nelly song since there are much better singles out there, but Twitter speaks volumes. Which Nelly song would you stream to help him out?

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