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Stop the Conspiracies Kanye’s “Through the Wire” Really Did Happen


After Kid Cudi’s midday twitter rant and claims of having “30 people write songs” for the likes of Kanye and Drake, people on Twitter began to speculate Kanye’s entire discography—including the validity of his hit “Through the Wire.”


As we all know, “Through the Wire” is one of Kanye’s most popular tracks. On it, he rapped with his jaw wired shut just two weeks after an almost fatal car accident in 2002.

“In the blink of a eye, his whole life changed/ If you could feel how my face felt/You would know how Mase felt/Thank God I ain’t too cool for the safe belt.

According to a 2002 MTV report, Kanye allegedy fell asleep at the wheel after a recording session for Beenie Siegel and Peedi Crack. His manger at the time, Gee Roberson stated that the Chicago native was in stable condition and suffered from a fractured jaw in which his jaw would be wired shut for six weeks.

Well after doing some Googles, we were able to find a report from 2004 on Celebrity Justice about the victim suing Kanye as well as a quote from USA Today where Yeezy himself spoke about that night.

“When I had my accident, I was working on Beanie Sigel, Black Eyed Peas and Peedi Crack, and let’s just say that those tracks were not my best work,” Kanye told USA Today in 2005. “If I would have passed that night, that would have been the end of my legacy. Now when I go into the studio, I act like this could possibly be my last day.”

What many articles failed to mention was that the driver of the other car was also injured. According to the early 2000s celebrity site Celebrity Justice, Miguel Villasana suffered from a broken pelvis, two broken legs, broken knees, a shattered ankle, as well as a totaled car in the incident. In fact, Villasana sued Kanye because he was unable to work for an entire year.

We were also able to find an online court document stating Kanye as the defendant in the case.

We all know Kanye is easy to hate— sometimes he speaks too much and sometimes he doesn’t speak out on the topics we may need him to. Regardless of how you feel about the Life of Pablo rapper, the “Through the Wire” car crash did happen.  Checkout the proof below:






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