T.I. Drops Some Powerful Visuals to His Latest Track “War Zone”


Update: T.I. dropped some powerful visuals to his latest track “War Zone.” The video raises the question: What if white people were the victims of social injustice?  The Black Lives Matter inspired visuals reenact the stories of Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Philando Castile, and Rosa Parks.

You can watch the video for T.I.’s  powerful visuals to “War Zone” below:

In an interview with Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning, T.I. spoke on the Black Lives Matter movement,  bringing people together, and rappers stepping up in their community. Earlier this month, T.I.P. marched and joined Killer Mike, Young Dolph and many Atlanta residents in transferring their money into black owned banks.

“We banking black,” he said. “Banking small. Banking local. And the purpose of that is if we move our power, which is our finances over into the hands of people who are willing to partner with us.”

After discussing the inequalities that are within the U.S., T.I. went onto promote his tenth album, The Dime Trap and make an announcement. “[My new album is] called The Dime Trap. It’s my 10th project and it’s dedicated to my day one fans. In my eyes it’s the second coming of trap music,” he said before dropping some dope news.

“Before you hear The Dime Trap, and I’m making an announcement here, I will be releasing a project next week. It is completely surrounded or inspired by the events and state of the nation right now today and it’s called Us or Else.”

According to T.I.P., the mixtape will focus on how we got to this point in society and speaking to the oppressor. You can watch T.I.’s interview its entirety below:

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