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GoldLink, April George & Kintaro Channel A Groove On “Rough Soul”

GoldLink Rough Soul

Washington D.C.’s own GoldLink knows his way around a groove. He’s proved that on both of his full-length projects (2014’s The God Complex and last year’s And After That, We Didn’t Talk…) and has dropped a few bops with BadBadNotGood and with Kaytranada and AlunaGeorge throughout 2016. But “Rough Soul?” This is something special right here.

GoldLink has always brought an honesty and rawness to his tracks that cuts through whatever groove that he happen to be gliding over, and “Rough Soul” into one of the sultriest grooves in Link’s pocket yet. He dropped it as a surprise to thank his fans for his very first headlining tour through Europe, which starts tonight (September 21) and features a stint at AfroPunk London later this month.

Produced by Kintaro (one-sixth of The Internet aka Jameel Bruner aka Thundercat‘s brother!!) and featuring guest vocalist April George, it’s a story of love at its most flippant and unrequited – but BOY if it doesn’t groove like crazy. I’m still picking my jaw up off the floor after realizing that Kintaro is Thundercat’s brother, so while I’m doing that, you should give this some plays.

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