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INTRODUCING: Dot Demo, Mark Steele & More New Artists To Watch [Week Of September 23rd]


Each week the WatchLOUD submissions email is stuffed to the gills with new music from all over the map. The truth is we don’t get to a lot of it, but we try. Of this week’s inquiries that we actually heard, these stood out. Some are affiliated with familiar names, others are reconfigured familiar names and then some are the purest uncut indie who we stumbled upon because the subject line read “Free Pizza.” So take a listen and if you like them, hit them up on their socials and spread the word.

Name: Mark Steele
From: North Carolina
Project: Almost Time
Twitter: @whoismarksteele
Cosign: Big Pooh, Raheem DeVaughn

“If I told you how “important” it was to dream big it would feel forced,” he says of the song “Big Dreams” featuring Rapper Big Pooh. “Dreaming beyond my reach isn’t something that I have to force, it’s literally who I am. Ask anybody that knows me, from any time period of my life and they’ll probably tell you ‘he was like that when I met him.’ I just naturally have the passion for this and I want to be great, I want to inspire others to do the same.”

Name: Aaron Knight
From: Newburgh, NY/ Queens
Project: TBD
Song: “OG”
Twitter: @AaronKnightNYC

Singer/songwriter Aaron Knight has just released his first official single called “OG” off his upcoming untitled project.

Knight was always an avid poetry writer, so that combined with his rapping, singing and harmonizing made him an untouchable force. He’s created his own sound by infusing hip-hop with elements of pop, trap, and new age R&B. Check out his track “OG” below and stay tuned for his project on the way.

Name: Rahzil Blackwell 
From: Dallas, TX
Project: Love N Drugs
Song: “Celebration”
Twitter: @rahzilblackwell

“Whenever you’re feeling down or like you’re not doing enough, remember that it is a process and once you do make it, it’s going to feel amazing!”

“Celebration” was produced by Da Dreak along with the rest of the tracks on their album, Love-N-Drugs.


Name: Dot Demo
From: Bronx, NYC
Song: “Me Pt 2” from Outer Body Experience
Twitter: @DotDemoMusic

“It’s my mind under heavy influence,” he told The Fader of his sophomore album. “This is how I feel when I’m alone and I judge myself, this is basically like my autobiography. Outer Body Experience is me stepping back and analyzing myself.”


Name: RoeShamBeaux
From: Northerner Virginia
Song:”Jetta Whippin” from Woody Harrelson project.
Twitter: @MikeyyySoL / @JayTheHomie

This shit bangs.

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