Apollo Brown & Skyzoo Pay Homage To Radio Legends On “Stretch & Bob”


On Friday September 30th Apollo Brown and Skyzoo will release their long awaited collaborative project The Easy Truth. After connecting on previous songs like “Neva Eva” and “Things I Should’ve Told My Friends” they’re serving up fifteen cuts which push the boundaries of what fans of both have become accustomed to. One stand-out is the imaginative “On The Stretch & Bob Show,” which pays homage to the classic hip-hop radio show founded by DJ Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia that began on Columbia University’s WKCR in 1990, and is the subject of the documentary “Stretch & Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives.”

“I grew up on Stretch and Bob, but I was really young during the Columbia (University) days,” says Skyzoo, a Brooklyn native.  “Once Stretch got to Hot 97 I was maybe in high school so I every Sunday night that was the focus. You gotta stay up late for that, you can’t fall asleep. It was that kind of thing. Then I recently saw the documentary and it was ridiculous. I went to a screening here in New York and at the end of it I said I wished I was old enough in that era, in 92-93 when it was happening. But I said hey, we do have technology. Maybe we can cut and splice this a little bit.”

Once he explained the idea to Apollo Brown, the Detroit producer went digging for a classic break beat that would emulate the now vintage freestyles on the show from hip-hop’s luminaries in their neophyte days. 

“He just spit over the break and then I went through probably twenty or twenty five hours of the Stretch and Bob show audio to make a 3-minute song,” Apollo reveals. “I went crazy going through the tapes, but I learned  a lot. Not being from New York I knew about them but I didn’t get to listen when it came out. I wish I lived in New York at that time.”

One of the frisbees we caught in the 4-minute blitzkrieg was a boast that he was “Charles Lee Ray on the break,” a nod to the villain in the Child’s Play horror movie who possessed a doll to exact murderous revenge.

“It’s a weird little thing but them Chucky lines is some of my favorite lines,” Skyzoo says with a smile. “A lot of people don’t know that my biggest fear in life was Chucky. He scared the life out of me for three years. I saw it when I was six and I was done. I had the black “My Buddy” doll I beat the My Buddy up, stabbing him with a pen. My father was like ‘What are you doing?’  Chucky ruined my life for three years.”

Thankfully it didn’t deter him from a career in entertainment and we’ve got more great music to look forward to. Peep the full video above.


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