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Flying Lotus Brings The Return Of Captain Murphy With The Eerie “Crowned”

Flying Lotus Captain Murphy Crowned

With all the directions that Flying Lotus has been pulled in in 2016, you wonder how he has time for it all. He’s a producer, writer/director (his short film Kuso premiered at Sundance Next this past summer), Brainfeeder label head, and even clumsy political provocateur. But even still, there’s always the enigmatic Captain Murphy. Lotus kept Murphy’s identity secret even after the debut project Duality dropped back in 2012, but later revealed the experiment was his rap alter ego, and after some sporadic appearances over the last four years (including on the Adult Swim Singles program two years ago), Murphy’s back on the radar.

Flying Lotus Captain Murphy Crowned

Adult Swim Singles has debuted yet another Murphy song called “Crowned,” which sounds like a juvenile rainy midnight robbery. Check it out here and keep your ears open for more.


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