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Gucci Mane Is Working On Two Movies *And* A Book

Gucci Mane book

We all know Gucci Mane has one of the hardest work ethics in hip-hop, but it’s getting ridiculous at this point. The Atlanta legend was released from prison on parole back in May, but he wasted no time pumping out the album Everybody Looking before announcing the new full-length Woptober dropping next month.

However, during a profile with GQ, Guwop revealed that he’d be reuniting with film director Harmony Korine – who he worked with on 2013’s Spring Breakers and visited him in prison – for his new movie tentatively titled The Trap, also starring Benicio del Toro, James Franco, and Al Pacino. He’s even trying to get his own film The Spot, which he’s starring in and producing, off the ground. And if that wasn’t enough, Simon and Schuster just inked a book deal with Gucci, who has more than enough life story to put into a book.

Gucci Mane not only survived the prison system, but came out of it physically better than he went in; He’s netted respect from artists like Kanye West and even from the clothing brand he’s named after; he’s acknowledged and even embraced his rap progeny; and if Woptober is as good as he’s promising, this could very well be his year.

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