10 Things That Suck About Music Streaming in 2016


Music fans asked for a way to listen to our favorite songs without carrying an entire binder filled with CDs or burning mixtapes and the digital music world gave us streaming. Music streaming was and still is the game changer when it comes to how we get our music. We literally have access to millions of songs of any genre in the palm of our hands. Unfortunately, with change comes competition.

The streaming battle between apps like Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify and more has taken away the intended ease when it comes to listening to music. Suddenly, you need Apple Music to watch the new Drake video, Tidal to listen to Jay Z’s, all while Spotify is the only app that offers a free listening option.

Creatives are becoming as frustrated as the fans and artists like Metro Boomin’, Kanye, and Kid Cudi have spoken out against the current streaming struggle.

In honor of all of the people who want to hear the music without the hassle here are 10 things that suck about music streaming in 2016:

10. Not having Apple Music so you only get 30 seconds of the latest Apple Music exclusive.


9. Having to jump from Spotify to Tidal to Apple Music to hear specific albums.


8. When you don’t have enough space on your phone to download a track for offline listening.


7. When you’re on a Soundcloud binge and the Soundcloud Go ad interrupts your groove.


6. When you’ve used up all your skips on Pandora.


5. When your Tidal trial ends so you can’t listen to Beyonce’s Lemonade anymore.



4. When you’re paying for Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal and have no money left over for concert tickets.


3. When it’s an Apple Music exclusive so you have to wait a week to hear it on your streaming provider.


2. Accidentally closing your music app while it’s playing.


1. When your app suggests a song that’s trash based on what you’ve been playing.


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