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Meet Austin Crute, ‘Atlanta’s Black Justin Bieber

Atlanta Austin Crute Bieber

For its fifth episodeAtlanta had some fun with Justin Bieber and cast actor/musician Austin Crute to play him up as obnoxious (and Black) as he wants to be. But don’t let that biting pop ditty fool you – Crute has his own story to share with the world.

Atlanta Austin Crute Bieber

The 20-year-old NYU student  is a former contestant on The Hub’s reality show Majors and Minors and dropped a completely self-produced and self-written mixtape called PLAY this past summer. Just before his role on Atlanta, he also played the part of Seaweed in NYU’s live rendition of Hairspray. 

Get to know Crute by giving PLAY a spin below:


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