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De La Soul Reveal First Group Name To Questlove, Shooting Video For “Memory Of”


The other night De La Soul appeared on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” to perform their hazy ode to the ghosts of lovers past, “Memory Of,” from their critically acclaimed album And The Anonymous Nobody. The track features a vocal performance from Estelle and ad-libs from Pete Rock (who produced the original version for Estelle, which was then replayed by De La’s band). Posdnuos also revealed on Instagram that that they are shooting a video for the song with a wedding theme.

After the performance, the legendary trio was interviewed backstage by Questlove, who unearthed some interesting gems about the group via fan questions from Twitter.

On the name De La Soul…

My family is Haitian and a little bit of a that lingo, a little broken French had me thinking of an option other than “of the soul” so I said let’s spice it up and go with De La Soul. – Dave

Their First Name…

Prior to being the three guys it was four of us and even before that it was myself and Pos with another two and we were called Easy Street. [We] Broke off from them and then Mace came along with Charlie Rock. Charlie Rock eventually left and that’s when we came up with De La Soul. – Dave

Pos’s first name

I wanted to rhyme so I made up a name called MC Legiticus…when I decided to go back to DJing I was DJ Sop Sounds. Then I turned Sop backwards that became ‘Pos’ and Sounds became ‘Dnuos.’ – Pos

On a possible De La Soul/Roots collab:

The group didn’t answer but Quest offered this cryptic response: “A well known established rapper will play the Billy Preston to somebody’s Beatles…can I be in De La Soul?” We have no idea who that could be but we’ll wait to find out.

Watch the full interview below and performance below:

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