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Tyler, The Creator Loves Frank Ocean’s ‘Blond’ Just As Much As We Do

Tyler, The Creator Frank Ocean Blond

Tyler, The Creator is a beacon of sunshine on social media, and he brought some of that energy to a recent GQ interview. At least he tried, since he’s still reeling from Twitter hackers eating into his profile.

Even so, Tyler’s zeal for breakfast and relationship with Frank Ocean picked the conversation up. When asked about his thoughts on Ocean’s long-awaited Blonde (which he has multiple writing credits on), he could barely contain his excitement:

I liked it a lot. Like, it’s my favorite thing from him. It’s weird because I’m friends with him and this album made me so, so, so much of a fanboy. It’s crazy because I was with him when it came out, like that week or whatever, and I kept complimenting him on certain songs, certain little things that I liked in different songs. And I low-key think he started getting annoyed cause I just kept badgering him about how much I liked the album. But I really, really fucking like it. And I’m really hyped for him and he’s hyped and shit’s great.

Being a Frank Ocean supporter over the last four years felt like a long-standing joke with no punchline, but now that both Blonde and Endless are here, excitement like Tyler’s is infectious. It doesn’t come from a pretentious place, just one that’s happy and grateful as hell to be a part of something beautiful. We need that kind of energy more often.

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